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What you need to know entering the American college?

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Around one-third of US residents, who have graduated from school, continue their education in college. The main reason for going to college is material. The most noticeable benefits of a college education for women. Salary of women, which graduated from college, 95% higher than of women with school education.

In the United States, the terms “college” and “university” are often confused because universities can provide education at the college level. The fundamental difference is that college graduates can only get a bachelor’s degree, while, as university graduates receive a master’s degree and doctorate. In addition, colleges are usually universities in the number of students. The small size of a college does not indicate that it gives less education.

Among US college students the most popular study is business. Among the priorities is medicine, health care (10%) and social sciences (5). The top ten most popular disciplines also include information technology, engineering disciplines, education, science, art, law, and English.

US college students – active consumers of goods and services. Every year, they spend about $ 53 billion. However, from year to year, these costs are reduced. This is due to a gradual increase in tuition fees. On average, the US, the annual cost of college more than $ 25 thousand. Despite the fact that approximately 67% of college students constantly work part time, they are not able to pay for their education. More than half of college students take student loans and pay them after college.

Education of foreign students has become one of the main items of income for many US institutions.

Rules of admission. American colleges and universities require applicants to provide the results of one or more standardized tests such as SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), ACT test, GRE (Graduate Record Examination), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Applicants from abroad are also required to pass the test English proficiency TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) or IELTS.

Most standard tests designed to evaluate the student skills rather than the volume of their knowledge. Test questions assess problem-solving abilities, and do not check the knowledge of the facts, for example, historical dates or anatomical construction of the human body. The challenge tests – to help colleges evaluate candidates on a single level. Comparison of the subjects or exams are not always effective, because American schools have different academic standards. Admissions officers can not know how complicated the course of integral calculus or economics student graduated and can compare candidates for admission only on test results.

Usually students from abroad coming to study at an American university undergraduate degree (bachelor’s degree) must pass the TOEFL (IELTS) and the SAT I. Some schools require the SAT II. Part schools takes ACT instead of SAT I.

Students from abroad coming to study at an American university for the degree of Master in art or science must take the TOEFL and usually GRE.

Entering the master’s programs (graduate students) in the field of business must have TOEFL and, in most universities GMAT. Must request the university requirements for admission to their chosen specialty.

Since the entrance exams to universities in the US is not carried out, one of the reasons for admission to US universities is the average score certificate or diploma of prior learning (GPA).

To calculate the average score is usually multiplied by the number of modules studied at their estimated value added estimates for the complete course and divide by the total number of modules studied. Usually when calculating GPA take into account the fourteen subjects studied for 3-4 final years of school.

The maximum value GPA- 4.0 and the value of this indicator depends on the prestige of the university where you will be able to do. The most outstanding applicants to universities in the US can apply for a scholarship for academic excellence.

Enrollment in US universities occurs twice a year, in September and January.

In the US, there is no clear definition of the term “institution of higher education.” In principle, any educational institution, carry out further training after high school, so-called postsecondary school, are equally likely to be called a “college”, “school”, “institute” or “university”. Higher education – one of the most expensive things in the United States.

The procedure of admission and selection of applicants to US universities depends on their prestige. There are no uniform requirements for applicants. In particular, some institutions set is carried out by competitive examinations, interviews, testing, the only other condition is the presence of secondary education (for example, an outdoor reception at 2-year colleges). General requirement for admission to the university is the presentation of documents on completion of secondary school; a list of the studied school subjects and it estimates; the total number of points on the test characteristics. A number of American universities and colleges welcome students performed through a competitive tender documents a high school diploma. However, the most prestigious universities organize competitive selection, because the number of applicants far exceeds the capabilities of educational institutions.

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