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Understand Mesa Community College ELearning

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Mesa Community College situated in Mesa, Arizona is the largest community college in the United States.

First established as a branch of Phoenix College, this school has gained rapid growth in the past decades and has trained numerous students, including Native Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian students and African Americans.

With over 27,000 students, the majority of whom are between 18 and 24 years old, Mesa Community College offers various programs in associate’s degree. After years of study, you can get a certificate or you can transfer to a four-year university to continue studying. What’s more, MCC also launches an eLearning program to supply opportunity for more students.

Get to Know about MCC ELearning Program

MCC eLearning aims to use internet technology to provide flexible, accessible and learner-centered education. This kind of education is more innovative, adaptive and comprehensive when compared with traditional teaching methods. According to MCC, the mission of eLearning are:

• To meet the changing and diverse learning needs of students by providing flexible access to quality education.

• Through the use of innovative learning technologies, MCC eLearning is a resource for providing transfer education, career preparation, and continuous learning.

• The ultimate purpose is to expand access to quality higher education opportunities within the community it serves.

There are two modes of instructional delivery in the eLearning environment: 1) Internet, in which, classes are conducted online with little or no on-campus requirements. Students must be very organized and self-disciplined since the study relies totally on self-learning. 2) Hybrid, which classes require both classroom attendance and online participation. Apart from online instructions, face-to-face assistance will also be available from instructors.

What Are MCC ELearning Advantages?

MCC eLearning has witnessed growing popularity in recent years, with more people participating in. People taking eLearning class at MCC will realize that the internet and hybrid classes use different management system and learning processes, which reflect the college’s commitment to innovation and creativity – the great attraction of the college. Its other advantages include:

It is a convenient way to advance your education. Classes are available 24/7 at any place where internet is accessible. You can also get announcements, access learning materials, review assignments, discuss questions, chat with classmates and teaches and study any time you want.

Great flexibility is offered to students who have to balance work, family and study. Many people have changing work schedules, while others may have to travel frequently or have small babies to cared for, which make it impossible for them to attend regular classes. With eLearning classes, they can enjoy the flexibility to study and participate in online activities at their spare time.

The same teaching quality with on-campus classes. In MCC, eLearning classes cover the same required objectives as a traditional class and you can transfer to a four-year university in the same way. Besides, there is no parking hassles, no more time stuck in traffic, no need to find a ride to school, no child care costs – many barriers are minimized with MCC eLearning.

How to Be a Successful ELearning Student?

If you are ready to take part in MCC eLearning classes, you need to first make sure that you have mastered the skills needed to be a successful online student. Of course, minimum computer skills and hardware and software knowledge are never a problem for Americans. Any way, a survey is supplied by MCC to determine whether you are prepared.

Then you can log in to MyMCC and enter MEID username and password and find your instructor and other related info. If you need detailed instructions or other help, call Help Center at 480-461-7271. But, to become a successful learner is not an easy job. You need to qualify for the following criteria:

1. Be able to communicate through writing. Communication is mainly written in the virtual classroom so that it is critical to have good communication skills through writing.

2. Be self-motivated & self-disciplined. The eLearning process offers great freedom and flexibility within the internet environment and students can only rely on themselves for inspiration and motivation.

3. Be well organized. Great time management and organization skills are crucial to one’s success, in both working and studying.

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