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Overview on the Outreach College at the University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona (UA) is a public research university providing a comprehensive, diverse and high-quality education to citizens of Arizona and beyond.

The Outreach College at the University of Arizona offers exceptional educational opportunities to those who look to university-level instruction and advancement beyond the traditional campus experience. UA Outreach College provides credit and non-credit courses and programs for professional, academic and personal enrichment.

Over the years, Distance Learning, Independent Study of Correspondence, Professional Development and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute have become the primary programs of Outreach College from which students benefit a lot.

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning at Outreach College comes with various options to help you continue your education, update your technical skills and advance your career.

You can choose from individual credit courses, professional certificate programs, degree programs and non-credit professional development courses. Popular programs include: Agriculture Technology Management, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Engineering, Journalism, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and so on.

In terms of admission, you must be admitted to the University of Arizona as a degree or non-degree so that you can take courses for credit. And for international students on non-immigrant visas, they are required to carry the Students Health Insurance regardless of classification or number of units unless you qualify for an exemption.

Independent Study Correspondence

Featuring nearly 147 undergraduate and graduate-level college credit courses, Correspondence at the Outreach College is available anytime any where.

Self-paced and personalized, University and High School Correspondence courses are taught by certificated and experienced UA faculty.

More than 140 courses are offered by 32 academic departments, from Accounting to Anthropology to Sociology to Statistics. These courses are introduced specifically to go side-by-side with those offered on the UA campus. Related textbooks, assignments and exams have been prepared to fulfill your learning experience.

What’s still better is that you can get your application done either online, by phone, by mail, by fax or in person.

Professional Development

A new project at the UA Outreach College, Professional Development and Computer courses are the professional training for professional people.

Instructor-led, the online courses are available at scheduled times each month. You can make use of both on-campus computer labs and open lab time with instructors. Offered on an open enrollment basis, these courses are accessible at any time.

Currently, the UA Professional Development offers non-credit courses like Business Applications, Green Industry, HealthCare, IT/Microsoft/Security Certifications, Legal Studies, Multi-Media/Web/Programming and so on.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

The OLLI at the UA is a non-profit organization specially designed for individuals 50 years of age and older to help them pursue learning.

A participatory organization, OLLI offers something for everyone:

• Informal classes featuring lively discussions and active participation

• Diverse courses focusing on topics like literature, art, science, history, theater led by knowledgeable OLLI volunteers

• Flexible course schedules lasting for a single day, several weeks, or a full semester

• Various social activities all the year around creating an atmosphere of pleasure

• Discounts at campus performances, library privileges and free UA campus shuttles for eligible CAT cardholders

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