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Online Programs in Oregon State University

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As a popular and affordable university with broadest extension of online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Oregon State University offers the online degree programs to students with the same degree and transcript as on-campus degree programs.

Compared with the relevantly high rate of online teaching nationwide, Oregon State University tries its best to satisfy students with appropriate online rates.

Online Courses Status

Located in Corvallis, Oregon, Oregon State University boasts of more than 15 accredited online degrees both on graduate and undergraduate students and 100% allows students to finish the online course.

Students can rely on Oregon State University online courses as the teaching resources and support are campus supported with a good reflection. As a nationally recognized university with a great combination of teaching, service and research, Oregon State University presents online education specially designed for students who have busy schedules or obligations in jobs and family lives.

Types of Online Courses

Apart from on-campus courses, Oregon State University presents extended and numerous online courses. These courses are available with flexible time and easy online access and financial aids to students. More benefits of online courses can be noticed from a few representative types of Oregon State University.

• Online Phytophthora

This program is focused upon phytophthora research, including agricultural relevant research on crops, nurseries and forests. It has three modules for students to learn via online courses, including Disease management, Biology, symptoms and diagnosis and phytophthora ramorum. These modules are dedicated on basic courses for nursery growers and decreasing the probabilities of phytophthora. Plus, it requires one-by-one learning.

• Online Master Gardener Program

For students who want an extended learning on arts and science of plants, Oregon State University tailors them with accredited online degree program. The program consists of a list of courses, including soils, fertilizers and composting, plant pathology, sustainable landscaping and basic botany and entomology.

• Online Bachelor of Science in General Agriculture Program

This program avails students to create academic plans for their goals. Students can modify the curriculum and takes up minor or emphasis on particular research of crop and soil science, agricultural business management, animal science, management and communication skills etc.


Oregon State University has relatively low tuition fees in the similar degrees compared with other for-profit universities. For instance, the Ecampus tuition fee in Oregon State University in 2010 was $235/credit in total which includes $160/credit and $75/credit distance education fee. It is accounted that the total cost of online education fee from Oregon State University is no more than $37,000 with additional expenditures and account fees. The tuition fee is equal both for native students or students from other nations. As a result, compared with other for-profit universities, Oregon State University combines its high quality education both on-campus and off-campus, prestige and the affordable intuition fees which are evaluated as a best traditional college in Oregon.

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