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Online MBA Program of East Carolina University

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East Carolina University consists of 2 professional schools, 9 undergraduate colleges, 1 graduate school.

The university offers online degrees and certificates covering various fields, including security studies, technology systems, website developer, information assurance, multicultural and transnational literatures, nursing education, adult nurse practitioner, business administration and health care management. Among all the programs, Master of Business Administration degree program is the most recognized one.

MBA degree program will be the ultimate choice for people who need professional training for a career as an effective and responsible administrator. The College of Business in East Carolina University starts its online program with pre-style classes. It has been accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Now MBA program is fully online.

This degree program is designed to be adjustable based on your actual demands and conditions. No matter you major in business or non-business field for your undergraduate education, no matter you study full time or part time, you can choose this program.

Schedule and curriculum

To get enrolled in the MBA program, you should have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. You don’t have to receive an undergraduate degree in business administrator. Because MBA degree requires no prerequisite coursework or business experience. MBA coursework in East Carolina University is asynchronous and delivered completely online. It makes use of various interactive internet-based learning applications.

MBA degree programs include two major components. One component is 10 business core courses which are designed to offer the academic knowledge base any undergraduate business student should master. As long as you have finished these equivalent undergraduate lessons with a minimum grade of B, you will be exempt from these programs. The second component is 10 business breadth courses which include 7 required classes and 3 elective classes. You are allowed to choose a class from departments besides the College of Business and obtain more knowledge as long as you think it necessary.

Online MBA students are required to take 30 to 60 credit hours to complete their MBA program, depending on your precious coursework in business fields. If you have got an undergraduate degree in business administration, you should only spend one calendar year in full time study. If you transfer from another discipline, the full-time online learning will be at least four semesters. Part-time students usually take two classes per semester which run 15 weeks and adjust their schedules accordingly. Every student should meet with his advisor to discuss how to plan their classes and whether and how these classes will help him reach his goals.


To guarantee the teaching quality, faculty members should submit their curriculum before the start of each semester. East Carolina University focuses on faculty development. All the faculty are well-versed in educating online as they are in a traditional face-to-face model and have to spend a lot more time on online courses than a traditional class. They have to receive cohesive training and technical development program. The training contains technical classes on platforms like blackboard, annual development classes and continuing education classes on distance education which last for up to four hours.

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