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Online Master of Health Administration at Ohio University

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Lots of universities provide online MHA, some of which are top universities like Walden University, Grand Canyon University, St. Francis University and Anna Maria College. Besides, online MHA is also available at Ohio University. Have you ever thought about the comprehensive strength of Ohio University? Is it smart enough to apply for its online MHA? To know the details, read on.

Admission requirements

To apply for online MHA at Ohio University, you need to prepare the whole application package at first. A bachelor’s degree in the field you apply for is requested, which is at least accredited regionally. Your GPA should be 3.0 or higher, and supposing that you fail to reach this level, GRE or GMAT scores are needed to be submitted. Work experience related to health care is also required for at least two years. Meanwhile, the competence of statistics and financial accounting is another vital threshold of Ohio University. Provided that you have already taken the relevant courses, the grade should be at least B; if not, you have to take these courses before the beginning of your MHA online courses when you are approved by the Admission Office of Ohio University.

Here is the entire checklist of Ohio University: an application, official transcripts, statement of personal objectives, a resume, three recommendation letters, statement of your undergraduate performance and TOEFL scores for international applicants. If you need any assistance during the application process, contact the enrollment advisors either online or over the phone and they will help you within 48 hours. By the way, there are three advisors responsible for online MHA at Ohio University.

With regard to the admission requirements of Walden University, a bachelor’s degree is required along with some other necessary materials such as your goal statement (personal objectives for future online learning), current resume detailing relevant work experience and a transcript (you can obtain it yourself or let the Admission Office request for you). Besides, English proficiency test scores for international students, and a list of transfer credits are also required if you fall into these specific catalogues.

In order to get admitted by Grand Canyon University, your GPA should be at least 2.8 if you graduate from a university or college which is accredited and approved by Grand Canyon University. On the other hand, there is no GPA requirement for graduate applicants.

Anna Maria College accepts a bachelor’s degree in any academic discipline from a university or college accredited regionally. A current resume and two recommendation letters are required as well. GPA level should be at least 2.7.

GPA level for St. Francis University is the lowest of the five universities – only 2.5. An official transcript, bachelor’s degree and two recommendation letters are also required.

Online courses

The courses you are going to take are of great importance, since the quality of the course has a direct impact on your learning effect. It is necessary for you to consider whether the online program provides comprehensive and suitable curriculum. Given below are the course lists for each university:

1. Ohio University (12 courses in total)

• Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System

• Information Systems for Health Services

• Leadership of Health Organizations

• Research and Quantitative Methods for Health Services

• Health Policy

• Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Health Care

• Health Care Finance

• Health Law

• Epidemiology in Health Administration

• Human Resource Management in Health Care

• Strategic Planning and Marketing in Health Services

• Ethical Issues in Health Care

2. Walden University (13 courses in total including an optional courses)

• Foundations of Healthcare Administration

• U.S. Healthcare Delivery System

• Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis

• Organizational Development and Leadership

• Health Policy and Economics

• Financial Management

• Health Law and Ethics

• Human Resource Management

• Operations Analysis

• Quality Assessment and Improvement

• Health Informatics and Technology

• Strategic Planning and Implementation

• Practicum (optional course)

3. Grand Canyon University (13 courses in total)

• Introduction to Graduate Studies in the Ken Blanchard College of Business

• Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Delivery Models

• Health Care Policies and Economics

• Legal and Ethical Principles in Health Care

• Health Care Research Methods, Analysis, and Utilization

• Organizational Structure, Dynamics, and Effectiveness

• Human Resource Management and Marketing Communication Strategies

• Leadership Styles and Development

• Essential Health Care Business Analysis

• Networking and Professional Readiness

• Business/Project Plan Evaluation and Development

• Health Care Innovation

• Evidence-Based Research Project

4. St. Francis University (13 courses in total)

Compulsory courses (6 courses)

• Research Methodology

• Ethical Issues in Practice

• Health Care Systems Management

• Leadership

• Clinical Residency Project

• Strategies in Health Policy

Optional course (choose 4 courses from the following 7 courses)

• Issues in Clinical Practice

• Introduction to Pharmacology

• Advanced Pharmacology

• Communication for Health Care Professionals

• Practicum for Underserved

• Special Topics

• Diversity in Health Care

5. Anna Maria College (4 courses in total)

• Healthcare Information & Technology

• Legal Issues in Health Care

• The Economics and Financing of Health Care

• Analysis of the Quality of Health Care Delivery

As we can see from the lists above, except for Anna Maria College, the other universities compass a plenty of online courses including almost all the basic courses. Yet unlike Walden University and St. Francis University, Ohio University and Grand Canyon University have no practicum. We could say that online MHA at Ohio University is theory oriented, so if you need some practical courses you’d better seek other universities.

For Ohio University, all the courses are required to be completed online, and there is no need to visit the campus. Despite the sufficient courses, Ohio University’s coursework is lacking in flexibility, to explain more, all the courses are compulsory, so you can not just opt for some of them. In this case, St. Francis University has the most flexible curriculum setting, offering 7 optional courses out of 13 total courses.

Fees for online MHA

Application fee

Ohio University – $100

Walden University – $50

St. Francis University – $50

Anna Maria College – $40

Grand Canyon University – NO application fee

Note: I have seen some articles stating that the application fee is $100 for online learning at GCU. That’s incorrect. See the FAQ at:

Tuition fee

Ohio University:

• $654 per semester credit hour for residents in Ohio state, total $23,544

• $673 per semester credit hour elsewhere, total $24,228

Grand Canyon University:

$495 per credit hour, total $23,760 (48 credit hours in total)

Walden University:

$620 per semester credit hour, total $22,320 (36 credit hours in total)

St. Francis University:

$590 per credit hour, total $17,775 (30 credit hours in total)

The overall costs of Online MHA at Ohio University and Grand Canyon University are the highest of all, although Grand Canyon University charges no application fee at all. Nevertheless, the cost of Walden University is just about $100 or $200 less than that of OU and GCU. St. Francis University offers the most affordable price.

Apart from costs, Ohio University carries the most rigorous admission requirements among these five universities. Take GPA for example, Ohio University’s minimum level is 3.0, while the other universities’ minimum levels are 2.8, 2.7 and 2.5 respectively.

When it comes to the curriculum, the amount of the online courses is basically the same for all these universities, except for Anna Maria College. But the flexibility of choosing courses varies from university to university.

Thus, online MHA programs at Ohio University and Grand Canyon University are better than those at the other three universities in term of online learning quality. Yet the costs and flexibility are a bit less attractive compared with Walden University and St. Francis University.

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