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Why & How to Take Online Career Assessment

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Children are always asked the same question: “What are you going to be when growing up?” But this is also the case for many grown-ups.

They don’t know which career is best for them. It’s a good idea to take a career assessment test. The career discovery tests are usually used to measure your personality, personal interests, goals and skills in different fields. A proper career assessment test can help you find hidden talents and understand your personality.

Career assessments come in many forms. A number of career guidance counselors provide professional career advice. But now paperless tests are becoming increasingly popular, namely online career assessment tests. Compared with traditional career assessments, online career assessment tests offer greater benefits. That’s the reason why so many people choose this alternative.

Easier Accessibility

When using online career assessment, one big advantage is easier accessibility. After you take the online tests, your test results will be stored online automatically. You can always get a copy of the tests anywhere, at any time. You don’t need to go to your counselor’s office and keep track of your test records.

Instant Grading

Online career assessments usually do not involve human errors and there isn’t technically a wrong answer on a career assessment test. Online tests make it possible to be automatically and almost instantly scored. Thus you do not have to wait for the test to be taken away and graded. Test takers can get the results upon the completion of the online assessment. For people who want to figure out their career path immediately, the grading speed related with an online career assessment is a major advantage.

Greater Convenience

If you’re high school seniors and trying to figure out your career possibilities, you may choose to go to your school’s career services department. Or you need to schedule an appointment with a guidance counselor if you don’t feel happy in the current work environment. It’s quite time-consuming to meet with your counselor and take a test. Instead, you can simply take various online career assessment tests at your own time. It’s much more convenient to take online tests and determine your career aptitudes.

Free VS Fee

Many famous reliable career counseling agencies charge high fees for taking a career assessment test. It can be costly if you want to take several tests and make comparisons. If the costs are out of your budget, you can go online. Many career assessment tests can be taken online totally for free. You don’t need to pay a penny for as many tests as you’d like to take.


After taking an online career assessment, you can always gain insight into both your personality and your skills. Detailed info of the individual on various areas will be presented, like educational qualification, academic performance, professional qualification and extracurricular aptitude etc. You’ll find your personal likes and dislikes. The online career assessment will help you find out the work that’s best for you.

With so many benefits, it’s definitely worth your time taking an online career assessment test. You may be wondering how to take a test online. Various online career assessment tools can help point out your career path.


Visit the website of and you can access the free Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential test. The MAPP test will give you insight into your career interest and key career motivators. Focusing on employee motivations, the MAPP test helps users target the ideal career through exploration on how the motivations influence career potential. Test takers only need 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

Career Path

It’s a subsidiary of the online job site, Career Builder. A free online career assessment tool is offered to help users to be clear of their perfect employment position. Users must complete a series of 24 multiple-choice questions. After that, users will get to know their career goals and ideal position.

Of course, there’re many websites offering free career assessment tests, like HotJob, Career Explorer and Live Career. You can take several tests and compare the results. Then it will be much easier to point your career search in the right direction.

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