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Apply for Northern Illinois University Online Programs and Financial Aid

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Opening solely to prepare college-educated teachers as Northern Illinois State Normal School in 1899, Northern Illinois University, which enrolls more than 25,000 students every year, has grown into a world-class university. It consists of seven degree-granting colleges and boasts a great reputation due to its nationally accredited programs that meet high standards of academic quality.

As a perfect combination of traditional education and innovative technology, NIU provides plenty of online educational courses, in addition to a full line of on-campus programs. NIU’s online courses and programs are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. To enroll in any of those courses, you will need to submit your application and be admitted to the university.

For all applicants, a complete application involves:

• Completing your application form online – Before downloading this form, you are recommended to double-check the list of online courses and make sure they fit your schedule. Then fill in all the fields as required.

• Selecting the semester you wish to begin the program – Do choose the semester carefully, since you will have no choice but to submit a new application if you need to make any changes on your enrollment semester.

• Pay application fee – A $40 non-refundable application fee will be needed. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to make the payment online. Applicant from low-income family can get his application fee waived through submitting a completed NIU Application Fee Waiver Form or a signed copy of said waiver from the Financial Aid Department.

If you are applying for courses for undergraduates, the following information will be required: high school or college/university info such as the name of your school and dates of attendance; and personal information including your date of birth, Social Security number, address and Citizenship info, etc. All the documents should be sent to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Northern Illinois University

1425 West Lincoln Hwy.

DeKalb, IL 60115

For those who are interested in obtaining a graduate degree via NIU online programs, application materials contain official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended, letter of recommendation, required test scores and career goals statement, and so on. Only letters of recommendation as well as your career goals statement can be submitted online. Other documentation should be sent directly to the Graduate School, 223 Adams Hall, NIU DeKalb, IL 60115.

Please note: NIU does not allow plagiarism. So make sure your career goals statement is an original essay. And the graduate program you choose might require some additional materials, such as writing samples or applications for assistantship. Send these materials to the department to which you wish to apply.

Consistently striving to help more people fulfill their dreams, NIU not only provides a wide range of online courses that can fit different schedules, but also offers financial aid for students to offset the cost of education. As a distant learner, you may also qualify for a few financial assistances, such as Federal Direct Stafford, Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loan.

Keep in mind the following tips when you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), in order to apply for federal financial aid successfully.

• Before you download the FAFSA, remember to get your federal PIN at It’s your electronic signature to sign on your FAFSA.

• At the time your application is processed, the Department of Education will send you a Student Aid Report (SAR). Check your personal information on the report carefully to make sure it is correct.

• As federal financial aid is always highly in demand, it’s better for you to submit your FAFSA application before NIU’s priority filing date – March 1st.

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