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Large Gains, Less Time, Great Flexibility – Courses & Short Programs from University of Washington

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Have you ever thought of attending a short program?

Do you need to obtain a skill or certificate in a short time? Do you want to cultivate an interest or join in a speed-up program that can be finished in less than a year? Are you one of those who feel much more comfortable with studying online? Or, are you an international student aspiring for learning in an American school without traveling all the way to the States?

If those are what are on your mind, then University of Washington (UW) is the right place to go. Applying the advanced information technology in online education, this preeminent research university well known worldwide now offers courses and short programs that can be attended online.

The UW advantages

When it comes to online short programs, there are three things learners are most concerned: the advancement of technology applied in distance learning, the flexibility offered, and the teaching results.

The good news is that UW is thusly equipped.

– Online teaching facilities at UW meet the national standards in distance learning

– Online courses come with great flexibility that allows students to study at their own pace without compromising personal life; many of the courses are blended, which means they can be attended both online or on campus

– Faculty at UW holds the high standard of professionalism; the courses they teach absorb the same level of expertise and prepare students for the challenge in both academic fields and employment arenas.

Currently, UW offers a line of courses, certificate programs and graduate degree programs that can help you get closer to your goal, whether it is to satisfy prerequisites or to obtain credit toward your degree. It’s all about large gains in less time but with great flexibility.

Short Programs at UW

– The courses at UW come in great variety, from Arts, Writing & Culture to Computing & IT, from Engineering to Health, Medicine & Social Work. Here we’ are going to explore the new program Certificate in Applied Biostatics and the well-known Extended Master of Clinical Health Services, both of which can be attended online in less than a year.

Certificate in Applied Biostatics

This new program at UW is designed to expand and strengthen your understanding of statistical concepts so that you can answer scientific questions. Also, after the duration of studying, you will be expected to design experiments or clinical studies and analyze data sets from scientific and medical literature via statistical methods you have learned.

– Program facts

1) It starts on Sept 24, 2012

2) It lasts for 9 months

3) It is learned online

4) It has three courses

5) It costs 4,140 dollars to finish the courses

– Program objectives

1) Get to know principles and methods of data description, basic parametric and nonparametric statistical analysis

2) Compare two samples means and proportions

3) Master sampling, case-control sampling and cross-sectional

4) Analyze categorical data like two sample methods and logistic regression

5) Understand survival analysis, product limit estimates and the Cox proportional hazards model

6) Understand simple linear and multiple regression models, one-way and two-way analysis of variance and analysis of covariance

7) Display and give numerical summaries for quantitative and categorical data

Hopefully, upon completion of this program, you will have a better understanding of applying statistics and experimental designs to biological and biomedical fields. The understanding is called for in careers in medical, pharmaceutical and scientific industries. You will master the skills in explaining results. You will work with professional statisticians and comprehend their way of talking and thinking about problems.

– Potential applicants

This program works best for

1) Scientists and researchers aspiring for training or reviewing in statistical tools and experimental designs more extensively

2) Professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, those working in research and development or clinical trials

3) Researchers with biological studies

4) Undergraduate or mater level of students having experience in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, forestry, fisheries, nursing or other fields related to biology or clinic

Clinical Health Services

Producing the degree in Extended Master or Clinical Health Services, this program prepares physician assistants for a leadership role in health care industry.

– Feature of this degree program

The Clinical Health Services program is not like any ordinary program you see. By enrolling in the program, you earn the opportunity to study with the best. Developed with the purpose of meeting the demanding needs in the profession, it is offered in partnership with MEDEX Northwest, which ranks eighth in top physician assistant programs nationwide, and the UW School of Medicine, the number one in medical school for primary care.

– Focus areas

These programs at UW are of short duration, but that does not mean the learning qualify is compromised. Instead, UW has developed four academic focus areas that can suffice the needs in developing subject expertise and obtaining the degree in Clinical Heath Services.

You can stay in your current clinical practice site and choose one of the areas to study at the same time. Develop the expertise you aspire for in research, health policy, and other skills. Quality health care and promising careers can be achieved with only one program.

The areas are

1) Health care for people living in rural areas or places where medical facilities and services are less advanced or delivered

2) Public health and preventive medicine

3) Academic medicine and specialty practice

4) Global health

Currently, UW accepts applications for the 2012-2013 program. It starts in summer quarter 2012.

To receive updates about the notifications of upcoming info meetings, important dates, or if you want to know more info about other programs, you can either contact UW or call 888-469-6499 or sign up for the notifications.

Or, you can visit UW website to know more about the short programs offered now.

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