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KSU Online RN to BSN Program: Admission, Tuition and other Important Facts

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For most of us, nursing is considered as economically stable profession.

Nowadays, the health care industry has a growing demand for nurses with the basic care management skills toward chronic care and care coordination. In this situation, a new generation of nurses is required with good education, skills and experience to serve in nursing related positions, such as primary care providers, nurse faculty and nurse researchers. Are you interested to get your advanced nursing education? Choose RN to BSN online degree program from Kent State University College of Nursing.

As the third largest nursing school in the United States in terms of enrollment, Kent State University College of Nursing is committed to helping you grow professionally by providing you with the education, resources and encouragement. The online RN to BSN program can offer you updated curriculum, global healthcare opportunities, selective enrolling terms and so on. Before applying for RN to BSN online degree program in Kent State University, learning some useful suggestions related to your preparation work is necessary.

BSN Degree Admission Requirement

Kent State University BSN degree allows you to earn a CCNE-accredited bachelor’s degree in case you have RNs with diploma or associate degree in nursing. Without a doubt, every school sets its own requirements for new enrollees, let alone Kent State University. If you are interested to earn BSN degree from Kent, you should meet the following standards.

1. You are required to graduate from accredited or state-approved AND or diploma school of nursing.

2. Normally, the minimum academic standing to qualify for admission to Kent is an average of 2.0 GPA. Thus, before enrolling in the Kent, you should present you 2.0 GPA scores for all your college coursework. Besides, you are required to reach GPA of 2.0 in minimum for required science courses.

3. RN is a one way ticket to your nursing career. Once you obtain RNs (registered nurses), you can work in patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, or provide advice or support to patients and their family members. If you want to earn BSN degree, you are required to present your current and verifiable US RN license.

The requirements for applicants are set to identify nurses who may be qualified for the future BSN program and valuable members in Kent State University community. If you have any questions, just contact the enrollment advisor.

Tuition Fees

The prosperous nursing profession is considered with significant growth and change, which allows you to gain solid theoretical knowledge base, leadership skills and brings you high salary and working position. Thus, the tuition fees of Kent State University RN to BSN online degree program are relatively higher than the normal degree programs. For online applicants, they should pay $100 for application fee. If they succeed in enrolling, the tuition fee between 2012 and 2013 should be $440 credit hour for in-state students, for out-of-state students, they will pay $450 per credit hour.

Notice: the books fees are not included in the course tuition.

Financial Aid

Generally, financial aid can be divided into two parts: student loans and “gift aid”, namely, scholarships and grants. The former one needs to be repaid while the latter one does not. In Kent, there are more than 700 scholarships provided by various departments. Some scholarships are provided specially for students in certain program or major and administered by the Student Financial Aid Office. The majority of scholarships are administered by individual departments.

Thus if you are talented and excellent in every respect, you can contact Kent admission department which can help you explore alternative scholarship options, such as Federal Stafford Loan, the supplemental education loan or private student loan and also corporate reimbursement.

Degree Requirement

RN to BSN Program of Kent State University requires 122 total credit hours for applicants. You are required to complete at least 13 pre-requisite credits before studying in core nursing classes. If you want to complete the program, you must fulfill 30 LER credits, 16 Foundation credits and 30 nursing credits.


Kent State University offers you support via different channels, web and phone. The help resources can be easily found in Kent Online Support Center (, from which, you can get thousands of support resources online. For example, you can find software downloads, submit online support requests, search knowledge articles and live chat with agents. The convenient phone support is 330.672.HELP with Helpdesk agent. The phone call service is accessible around the clock.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Kent State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Kent State University official site.

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