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Online Graduate Programs from Iowa State University

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As a first-class research institution with high quality online education for more than 150 years history, Iowa State University presents online courses through Center of Distance with no requirement for physical setting.

Iowa State University ranked second in the nation for the distance learning programs with providing diplomas and associate degrees. Its online courses include agriculture, computer networking and arts. If you have a plan of extended study, Iowa State University offers you abundant information and tools distributed in regionally accredited online programs. As an online student from Iowa State University, you can take the advantage of two online courses every eight weeks and flexibility of studying anywhere. The flexible online programs ensure your skills for your career.

Graduate Programs

In Iowa University, there is an array of degree programs offered via online education. You can obtain your graduate certificate either before or after the graduate time. The graduate certificate requires 12 graduate credits in minimum and provides universal acceptability in professional field. Here is the specification in some fields which are related to agriculture, plant and computer science.

• Master of Agriculture

Presented by the College of Agriculture & Life Science, the Master of Agriculture program is regarded as the oldest on-line degree program offered by Iowa. This program allows students to participate in the society which requires professional in natural resources, food and agricultural system. The purpose of this program is to nurture professionals who can challenge the opportunities in the relevant agriculture industry. Apart from on-line learning by off-campus students, this program is also available for on-campus learning. Plus, students can get on-campus short courses in summer.

• Master of Science in Plant Breeding

The online curriculum is as same as the on-campus one. These courses are intended to teach students not only the fundamentals of planting but the advanced knowledge including plant breeders and genomic selection. For applicants, this program consists of 12 courses and 40 credits, in which 3 credits for creative component and 1 for workshop.

• Computer Engineering Master’s Degree Online (ECpE)

This program offers 100% online courses and allows students to finish the courses in 5 years in maximum. For new enrollees, the new semester has two admissions, which include January 15 for summer or fall and September 15 for spring admission. For students require no degree, they are only required with 9 credits. In the academic aspect, it offers a chance for students who are planning to continue their in-depth study after their electrical or computer engineering bachelor’s degrees. It is related with the following areas:

A. Energy Systems

B. Software Systems

C. Computing and Networking Systems

D. Advanced Electronics and Materials

For applicants, they may be required to submit 3 letters of recommendation, a general application and a statement of purpose, and GRE scores in case your GPA is lower than 3.0 or the working experience is less than 2 years.

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