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How to Earn Additional Credit at Liberty University Online

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Now a large array of online degree programs is offered for people who need the convenience and flexibility of online education.

One important criterion for choosing a suitable program is the length of time required to complete the online degree program. How many credit hours are required toward graduation?

Many students have gained rich knowledge through prior schooling or working experience before attending an online degree program. Then some students may consider the possibility of earning more credits for previous knowledge. Liberty University Online students will be excited to learn that they can earn additional credits via a variety of options.

Transfer Credit

Perhaps credit transfer is one of the easiest methods to earn more credit toward your degree at Liberty University Online. Students are allowed to transfer credit from other institutions. Credit transfers are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. But Liberty University Online has restrictions on possible credit transfers. And each degree program has specific transfer credit policies. Here, I’ll just give you one example.

When you’re pursuing your Master of Business Administration degree at Liberty University Online, your prior credits cannot be transferred to your current degree program unless you meet all the following general transfer requirements:

• Credits earned through regionally or nationally accredited institution that is approved through the Department of Education;

• Credits obtained from a graduate program in a closely related field of MBA;

• Credits for courses with a grade of B or higher;

• Transferable courses include BUSI 520, BUSI 530, BUSI 561 and BUSI 604 for the MAML program;

• Up to 12 credit hours can be transferred in the 45-hour MBA program and a maximum of 6 credit hours for 36-hour MBA;

For more transfer credit policy info, visit the website of and check the transfer policy for your degree program.

Credit by Examination

It’s known that every degree program has a limit on the number of transferrable credits. Some online students may want to speed up their program studies. If you’re seeking to shorten the time of earning an online degree, it’s possible to earn some extra credits by examination. There’re several exams for earning credits.

• College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College credit can be gained through taking the College-Level Examination Program. The program includes up to 34 tests covering various subjects, such as college composition, college math, social sciences, American literature, calculus, English literature and business law etc. Once you pass the course exam, you’ll earn certain credits for corresponding Liberty University Online course. You can obtain credit for knowledge that you have acquired through formal study, on-the-job experience, business training or superior high school courses.

All Liberty University Online students qualify for a CLEP test. Since many online students cannot go to the campus of Liberty University in person, CLEP tests can be taken at another location other than Liberty University. Each test will cost you $80, which is payable to CLEP. In addition, Liberty University will also charge a non-refundable registration fee of $50.

• Institutional Challenge Exam (ICE)

For students who have a satisfactory justification of previous knowledge in a subject area, they can take the Institutional Challenge Exam (ICE) to earn additional credits for a specific degree program. The previous knowledge can be acquired through job experience, self-learning or non-college training program. Please notice that Liberty University Online students can only take ICE for selected courses, including:

• BIBL 323 – The Gospel of John

• BIBL 424 – Study of Arts

• BIBL 425 – Study of Romans

• BIBL 104 – Survey of Biblical Literature

• BIBL 105 – Old Testament Survey

• BIBL 110 – New Testament Survey

• CHHI 301 – History of Christian Church

• CHHI 302 – History of Christian Church II

• THEO 104 – Intro to Christian Thought

• THEO 201 – Theology Survey I

• THEO 202 – Theology Survey II

• BMIS 200 – Enterprise Business Applications and Communications

All these tests can be completed online through Liberty University’s online learning management system, Blackboard. In order to take an ICE exam, you must email the appropriate ICE Request Form to If you’re taking ICE for upper- or lower-level courses, the minimum passing score is grade C.

• Dantes Subject Standardized Test Scores

Students are recommended to take DSST to earn credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). The program provides opportunities for students who want to cut months off the regular degree completion requirements. The 38 subject-level exams are available for various upper and lower-level baccalaureate credit courses. Liberty University Online also accepts DSST credits.

Credit for Professional Training & Life Experience

Liberty University Online also offers professional training & life experience credit for undergraduate students. Eligible students may receive credit automatically for job training. The availability is based on a precedent established by Liberty University. Liberty University Online also offers credit for students who hold a certificate or license in various areas, like law enforcement, real estate, insurance, aviation and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). This is the so-called automatic credit for job training.

Liberty University Online also awards additional credit for life experience through the portfolio process. In addition, individuals with certificates or licenses that are recognized by ACE may also be eligible to receive more credit. According to the Liberty University Online policy, students can earn a maximum of 30 credits through job training and life experience.

Credit for Military Training

For students who have completed courses at military service schools, Liberty University Online will award undergraduate credit as long as the credit is recommended in the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Forces. Eligible students are required to submit official transcripts to obtain credit for military training. Liberty University Online does not accept official transcripts through fax.

Credit for Certificate Programs

Are you enrolled in an unaccredited certificate program? You may receive credit for your experiences. Graduates of Institute of Biblical Studies, Light Learning Institute and New Tribes Bible Institute have opportunities to earn more credit for the certificate program.

Obviously, Liberty University Online provides plenty of opportunities for students to earn extra credits toward their degree. You just need to check out which option is right for your needs. Hopefully, you’re likely to earn your online degree in shortest possible time.

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