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How Much to Save for Liberty Online Academy Courses

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Many families choose homeschooling for various different reasons, such as medical reasons or busy daily schedules.

No matter why you have to make the decision of homeschooling, Liberty University Online Academy can be a nice choice for homeschool students. High school and elementary students in grades 3 and 12 can take online courses via the Liberty University Online Academy.

Homeschooling students can choose from five core subjects and many other elective courses. In addition, customized courses are also offered to help meet specific educational needs. Parents might be concerned with the costs of taking classes from Liberty University Online Academy. As a leading Christian homeschooling program, Liberty University Online Academy offers affordable courses for online high school and elementary students.

How much will it cost?

Once you’re enrolled in the homeschooling program, tuition will be charged if you want to take classes. If you’re registered as a full-time student, the tuition is $2,475 per year. This tuition rate only applies to students in grades 3-8. Full-time students in grades 9-12 will be charged $495 per credit or $247.5 per 0.5 credit.

In order to graduate from Liberty University Online Academy, you must complete 20 total credits as a full-time online student. So your may have to save up to $12,875 while earning a high school diploma from Liberty University Online Academy. However any previous credits earned through other institutions can be transferred to LUOA for free. Then the total number of credits required for graduation will be reduced, lowering the costs of earning your high school diploma.

Liberty University Online Academy also has a family tuition plan for full-time students. If your family has one or two students who are enrolled in a minimum of 5 credits for the academic year or 2.5 credits for a semester, LUOA will charge $495 per credit. If there’re any third and additional students enrolled in the online schooling program, a 20% discount will be available.

Liberty University Online Academy has different tuition rates for part-time students. If you enroll in only select LUOA courses, you’ll be recognized as a part-time student. The part-time student tuition is $495 each subject for those who are completing one credit course in a full year. Some part-time students may only take classes for one semester. They will be charged $247.5 per subject.

Only homeschool students can choose the part-time option. Some students may also register as a part-time student when they are enrolled in another school, but need several specific courses to meet their educational requirements. Part-time students at LUOA are required to submit official transcripts. These online students also need to take a placement test to ensure proper placement in the course material.

In addition to the standard tuition costs, students may be charged some other fees, such as application fees. Each student will have to pay $50 as application/registration & diagnostic fees. The registration fees are non-refundable. Liberty University Online Academy also charges a technology fee of $150 per year per student. Plus students can take the Stanford 10 online standardized testing in the Spring of every academic year. The testing is not offered free of charge. Each student will pay $50 for the testing. No extra fees will be charged.

How many payment plans are available?

As for the homeschool program tuition charges, Liberty University Online Academy offers interest-free, monthly payment options. Thus you do not have to pay your tuition fees in a lump sum. Both 5 and 10 month plans are available. The two payment plans require a $45 non-refundable fee.

After completing your registration and student enrollment, you may be asked to complete the financial check-in online. Then you can choose your payment plans. During your financial check-in process, you’ll have to select a payment plan draft date. After your payment draft date is determined, you’ll be required to pay a $25 fee if you want to change your previous payment plan to a new payment draft date.

Do you qualify for a tuition withdrawal?

Some students may have to drop a course before the course start date. Can they receive a full refund? It depends. The Liberty University Online has three kinds of withdrawal. Check to see which policy you qualify for.

• Medical withdrawal – If you drop from courses due to medical reasons, you’ll be eligible for medical withdrawal. Without documentation from a licensed physician, a medical withdrawal won’t be processed.

• Administrative withdrawal – This type of withdrawal can be caused by any valid reason that is initiated by the Liberty University Online Academy. To qualify for administrative withdrawal, you must get approval from an authorized university administrator.

• Official withdrawal – When you’re not able to complete the academic year for any possible reason, you may be counted as official withdrawal.

If you belong to any of the above withdrawal situations, you may ask for a full refund. Liberty University Online Academy also offers a refund of tuition for withdrawal after the completion of financial check-in.

When you have to drop any Liberty University Online Academy courses, you’ll be financially responsible for each month attended. Even when you just enter the first day of courses, you’ll be financially responsible for that month anyway.

If you’re enrolled in one credit hour courses, your tuition will be divided into 10% increments, depending on the month of your withdrawal. For example, if you withdraw from the one credit hour course in the 6th month, you’ll take financial responsibility for 60% of the total course tuition. Thus you can ask a refund for 40% of the course cost.

For students who withdraw from a half credit hour course, the tuition will be divided into 20% increments. I’ll give you an example. If you withdraw from your course in the 3rd month, you’ll have to pay 60% of the course cost. And Liberty University Online Academy will give you a refund of the rest 40% for your tuition. If you withdraw from any academy course during the final month, no credit will be offered.

You cannot ask for a full refund once you’ve started your course. Once you have to withdraw from any course for any reason, please contact your counselor as soon as possible and ask for a partial refund of tuition costs.

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