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How Much Does it Cost to Earn an Online Degree from Ashford University

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Ashford University offers over 140 online degree programs for students or working adults to develop their potential and advance their education.

No matter you are interested in business or health & wellness, you can find the right degree program in one of the four distinct colleges of Ashford.

You know the tuition for colleges is always costly. However, the benefits of higher education can far outweigh the money you’ve spent. Before you enroll in Ashford University’s online degree programs, it’s better to know how much it will cost to graduate from the university.

Ashford’s tuition is calculated based on credit hours, making it much less than most traditional private universities and colleges.

You know, Ashford University requires students to successfully complete all courses required for their program in order to graduate on time. That means as an undergraduate student, you will have to pay $402 for all the credits you need to earn.

Of course, tuition is only a small part of your college expenses. Additional fees will be involved as well. Generally speaking, to obtain an Ashford bachelor’s degree online, you need to pay the following fees:

• Sponsored Professional Training Assessment (per credit hour evaluated) – $30.00

Note that the credit might not be awarded even though you’ve paid the fee on time. It depends on whether you’ve completed the assessment successfully.

• Prior Learning Assessment Experiential Learning Essay Assessment (per evaluation) – $125.00

Remember, you have to complete the assessment as required to earn the credit. Your payment cannot guarantee that credit will be awarded.

• Books, Course Digital Materials and Instructional Materials (average per course) – $100.00

• Official Academic Transcript – $10.00

• Education Records (per page) – $0.50

• Late Payment Fee – $30.00

• Insufficient Funds Fee – $30.00

• Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Fee – $45.00

As you can see from above, these fees will cost you $370.5. Besides, the university also charges technology services fee ($1,290). This is a one-time fee which you should pay on the second week of enrollment. If you have to leave the university for a few weeks, say less than 6 weeks, after enrollment, don’t worry; the technology services fee will be refunded in full.

When you finally complete all the required courses and are able to graduate with your degree. Do not forget that you have to pay another $150 as graduation fee. As a tradition of Ashford University, the graduation fee will be used to hold a grand graduation ceremony to congratulate students for their achievements.

Well, according to the statistics listed above, it seems that you have to pay at least $2,212.5 on tuition and basic fees.

When it comes to graduate students, the cost of online degree program is much higher, partly due to the expensive tuition. Also calculated based on students’ credit hours, graduate’s tuition varies greatly. In general, your tuition will be $525 if you expect to earn a Master of Arts degree in Education or in Teaching and Learning with Technology.

However, other online master degrees tend to cost you a little more. To obtain a Master of Arts degree in Health Care Administration, Organizational Management, Business Administration or Public Administration, you will need to pay $585 as tuition.

As for extra fees, graduate students will be charged as much as undergraduates on graduation fee, official academic transcript, education record, late payment fee, insufficient funds fee and replacement/duplicate diploma fee. Technology services fee is also $1,290 and fully refundable until attendance in the 6th week of enrollment. But books and materials will cost graduate students $40 more ($140).

Fortunately, graduates can save more than $150 on assessment fees, since they won’t be charged on sponsored professional training assessment or learning assessment. That means the minimum cost of earning an Ashford master degree online is $2,116.5 or $2,176.5.

Please notice that tuition and fees are owed directly to Ashford University. Other indirect costs, including login fee and board wages, might also be incurred while you are pursuing your bachelor’s or master’s degree online. Plus, you might need to buy additional books and supplies which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

To estimate how much it will cost in total for you to obtain a master degree through Ashford University’s online program, you’re highly recommended to use the Ashford Net Price Calculator. It’s available on the university’s website and will give you a clear estimate.

It’s better to provide the earning statement, bank statements, standardized test scores, grade point average (GPA) and high school ranking to get a more accurate result. However, if you don’t have these items available, it’s also okay.

Note: If you are a California resident, you are likely to pay a little more on online degree programs. The Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) will charge you $2.5 for every $1,000 you’ve paid as tuition.

The STRF is created by the State of California to prevent you from financial loss once the online school you are attending is closed suddenly. The fee applies only to California residents and works like insurance premium.

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