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Essential Facts in Choosing Online High Schools

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When you are choosing an online high school, some essential facts should be taken into account – tuition fees, accreditation, courses, payments, as well as your motivation.

Some high school students enroll at online high school only to prepare for the State High School Diploma. Some others apply for online high school because they are unable to attend classes like their friends for various reasons. Additionally, there are adults who need a high school diploma purchasing online high school program as they haven’t got one before.

Online high schools are very popular today, since this new type provides a more convenient and faster way to get a high school diploma. You may find thousands of them available on the market. Do you know how to choose one that best suits you? I will give you my opinions by comparing the features between the following online high schools.

Madison Falls High School

Enrollment fee – there is NO enrollment fee in Madison Falls High School. You will be charged only if you order the diploma parcel after graduation.

Diploma fee – when you pass the online exam successfully, you have to pay $249 for your online high school diploma including online study guide, exam retakes and diploma shipping. In most cases, you get your diploma in two business days after the order. If you are expected to get the diploma faster, choose the overnight shipping.

Graduation verification service – when your employer wants to confirm your diploma or asks for some detailed information about your online study, a counselor in the school is responsible for this verification. Yet these counselors are only available in normal business hours.

Accreditation – not nationally accredited. They state it on their website that MOST employers will accept this online high school diploma as an alternative to the GED.

Refund – you are entitled to take back your money if you are not satisfied with it during the first 14 days, while the return shipping is not included.

Payment – credit cards are strongly recommended for its convenience. Those who don’t have a credit card can mail money check. You can pay the whole $249 in a lump sum or an installment of $83 each stage with no interest at all. Besides, if you have your own budget plan and cannot afford the down payment of $83, you can opt for the custom payment with a down payment of $49.

Madison Falls High School may be

    the perfect choice for students who are preparing for the exam of State High School Diploma

, for its free enrollment and online testing. You can practice online without worrying the fees as you don’t really need such an online high school diploma.

The payment method of this school is quite flexible. It is designed to provide a fair opportunity for all the students who intend to get an online high school diploma, however your financial circumstances. The installment payment is not a student loan, so there is no interest and it is impossible for you to get a debt. Just pick up your phone and tell the school counselor about your payment plan.

But there is a

    time limit

for your payment. After the initial payment of $83, you have 30 days to pay off the second $83, and the last $83 should be paid during 60 days. So set out your own payment plan should you have any trouble to meet these requirements.

Another thing you should take seriously is that the diploma provided by this school is not accredited nationally. That means your diploma might be not accepted by some employers when you seek an employment. To avoid this, look for an online high school accredited nationally like James Madison High School.

James Madison High School

Accreditation – it is accredited regionally by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA), and accredited nationally by Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

Payment – full payment, monthly payment and auto bill payment. The monthly payment is as low as $29, and you will get a monthly statement informing you of the balance. They promise that you can pay off your remaining balance at any time without any penalty.

Enrollment fee – there is an initial enrollment fee. Those who don’t need such a diploma can just walk away.

Refund – get your money back in the first 5 days.

Other fees – tuition fee, administrative fee ($200 or 20% of your price, whichever is less)

James Madison High School does have some attractive factors. The most attractive is it is nationally accredited, for you will be accepted in the whole nation. It is better than Madison High School. In addition, when you get an online high school diploma in JMHS,

    you will be accepted by Ashworth College automatically

. That’s wonderful for those who are desired to attend college.

We know that some schools set a time limit for your monthly payment like Madison High School. Yet JMHS doesn’t, it allows you to pay off your fees any time with no penalty. So any financial emergencies that happen to you will not lead to a payment delinquency. Besides, the minimum monthly payment is as low as $29 which is much lower than $49 of Madison High School. It counts for the second attractive factor.

The only drawback is the total costs may be a little higher. But the cheap buyer takes bad meat. I believe it can be a wise investment for you if you want to get a high quality diploma for a better job or a better college.

Given all this, my theory is that choosing the best online high school according to your needs. If you just need an online test for other exams, look for schools that charge no enrollment fee. If you want an online high school diploma in your specific region, seek a regional accredited online high school. And if you are expected to a high quality diploma, find a nationally accredited online high school.

With your learning aims, you easily narrow the search to a list of alternatives. Compare the fees between them, pick out some affordable offers. Then choose the most favorable payment among these schools. Now this carefully-selected school is the best one for you.

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