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Look into Arizona State University Online Education

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Online education has made it possible for busy adults to earn higher degrees and advance knowledge without attending full-time colleges or universities.

Arizona State University, a public research university founded in 1885, offers you the opportunities to experience its academic excellence and interact with national leading professors with the ease at home!

Ranked as the 23rd best university in social science by the Center for World-Class Universities, ASU provides top-tiered on-campus education to feed traditional students. However, to foster other students who are unable to balance the time between work and study, ASU develops online learning programs which are much more affordable, convenient and flexible.

Each year, Arizona State University online education offers 6 start times: two in the spring, two in the fall and two during the summer. Students are enabled to apply online programs when they are ready by the deadlines for each semester. How long you will get your online degree depends on how many courses you are taking throughout the academic year. A student is allowed to receive up to 18 credits for spring and fall semesters while 7 credits for each summer semester.

To ensure online students the same educational opportunity, ASU eight exceptional libraries provide a multitude of resources to assist you to find the ebooks, journals, and other materials that you may need to complete your online study. Students enrolled into online degree programs, as long as meeting eligible requirements, would enjoy the access to financial aid and scholarships as on-campus students.

How about the “classroom?” Students with difficulties to pursue ASU excellent education in brick and mortar classes can attend online courses at any location they prefer – at home or in a coffee shop. Never think you are learning alone! There are many other students like you. They would share their academic activities and ideas with you via the internet or through smart phones. These like-minded classmates will work with you throughout the entire learning process.

ASU sophisticated instructors and faculty, who also teach on ASU real campuses, will use a wide variety of methods to share materials, enable students to interact, and monitor your online learning progress throughout the course. The diplomas and transcripts for online students are the same as those of the on-campus students. No indication would imply that your learning is completed online.

You don’t have to be a techie in order to follow ASU online courses, however, feeling comfortable to use computer would be greatly helpful to your learning. If you want to enroll into online degree programs, you have to be good with computers, as most of jobs are performed via internet, such as presentations, exams, documents, and collaboration. At least, you should have a computer that could access the internet, with a high-speed connection preferably. Whenever you get stuck with online learning, ASU 24/7 help desk will answer your questions or help solve the problems.

How to register into the online courses after receiving the admission approval? Arizona State University provides convenient application which can be completed within a few minutes online through ASU official site. After you submit your application, you would receive an email including your ASUrite ID and activation code. This ID will enable you to check your admission status on MyASU page. Once your application is admitted, you can check your eligibility for registration. Be sure to clear all former “Holds” on your record. You will be able to register soon after the enrollment appointment is shown on your MyASU account.

To view all online degree programs available by ASU for 2012 terms, you can visit If you still have any question about ASU online programs, you can call the numbers below for the specific branches:

Undergraduate Programs Enrollment Counseling: 866-277-6589

Graduate Programs Enrollment Counseling: 800-533-4806

Admissions: 480-965-7788

Financial Aid: 480-965-3355

Student Services: 480-884-1537

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