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Get to Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Schools

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Education does play a significant role in everybody’s life.

It determines how well we are prepared for the future and might have an influence on the type of opportunities available for us. Normally, being a parent, you will face three options for educating your kids: private, public or home schools. Both private and public schools used to be considered as nice options. But today, it seems there is a growing trend to choose home schools instead of traditional schools.

Homeschooling your child is a rewarding experience. However, it might be terrifying sometimes. It’s important for you to figure out whether homeschooling will work for your family before letting your child learn at home. Maybe a better understanding of the benefits as well as drawbacks of home schools can help you make a wise choice. Keep reading and try applying the features of homeschooling to your personal situation, you will find out which advantages you really appreciate, or, on the other hand, the disadvantages you just cannot live with.

The choice of home schooling comes with many benefits. Firstly, you will be able to give your kids in-depth, personal attention and control what and when they learn. Secondly, home schooling can contribute a lot to enhancing the quality of emotional connection between you and your children. Besides, it brings you opportunities to show your little one that learning is not boring at all. You can also protect your children from the negative influences they may encounter outside the home.

In addition, through home schooling you can transfer your values to and share joys of everyday life with your kids. You will have more time to train and influence them. As for the kids, they can also benefit a lot from being allowed to take more time to pursue understanding of their preferred subjects, and being able to study at a pace they feel more comfortable.

Though home schooling holds obvious advantages over private or public schooling, there are a few disadvantages you must consider. You might end up being around your children all day long and having no time for work, let alone time for social life. It usually takes a lot of time for you to prepare lessons, set up field trips and keep yourself organized. Plus, you have to spend time teaching. Things will be even more difficult when kids become restless or misbehave.

For parents who give up their full-time jobs to educate their children at home, the cost of home schooling might also be a serious disadvantage. Averagely, the purchase of curriculum and learning materials causes approximately $400 per child each year. The fees might be much higher when computer software or other costly resources are needed.

Other major drawbacks of home schooling involve parent’s failure to develop their kids’ social skills and other non-academic skills, enforce certain disciplines and help their children achieve the required academic achievement etc.

Homeschooling can be a challenge. But both parents and kids might get more enjoyment out of teaching and learning. It’s not easy for you to make the decision on whether you should educate your child at home or not. However, it is worth your time and energy to find the answer.

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