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3 Reasons to Earn Accredited Online Degrees

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The enrollment in distance learning has been enjoying a steady increase over the years, regardless the weak economic conditions.

Rather, many e-learners going after a degree, especially an accredited degree, find now a better time to attend an online school.

They hold the belief that an accredited online degree is an investment that is able to protect their jobs, prepare them for the worst, and even increase earning potential when a firm is going through laying-off or downsizing. The theory is that an accredited online degree is a proof of capacity and performance, which is critical for one’s career development.

Actually, earning an accredited online degree works to your advantage whatever the economic situation. After learning the 3 most credible reasons to do that, you may also feel the inner drive.

Accreditation means a lot

Have you ever heard stories or news about how people, employers especially, take slight of a degree earned at online schools? Do you feel hurt about that? Or more importantly, are you anxious about your career perspectives when holding an online degree?

Then, go to a quality online school and get yourself an accredited degree. You will see the change of views and attitudes bystanders have towards it. And there is a good chance that you will become more hopeful in the eyes of employers.

Why is the change? Believe it or not, it is largely because that the degree is accredited.

– Accreditation

Smart learners look for accredited ones at the beginning of finding quality online schools. They know the value of accreditation. Among the many online educational institutions on the market, only those able to offer quality teaching can get accredited. Accreditation is the proof that these schools meet the teaching standard in a nationwide sense.

How does that make a difference? It is safe to say that you can count on an accredited online school to deliver the teaching you desire. Programs offered will be diverse and career or research oriented. Teaching faculty will be more experienced. If you study really hard, there is no reason you can not make progress in such an environment.

– Accredited degree

Now that you have been learning for a full course at an accredited online school described above, the degree you are going to obtain is credible in the eyes of many employers.

But you may have heard of how certain employers make slight of accredited online degrees. There are the cases that those who do the hiring consider an accredited degree earned at an online educational institution second-tier to traditional schools. And some employers may even want graduates from a brick and mortar school only.

Don’t get upset by the negative info. That is only one side of the coin. Now look at the other side, the bright side.

Some professions value accredited online degrees more, thanks to the nature of these professions. According to surveys, these industries accept accredited online degrees: Medicine (68 percent), Health Care (52 percent), Academia (44 percent) and Finance (18 percent).

See that? There is always a silver lining. It is clear that you still have hope for a promising career with an accredited online degree. Just make sure you choose the right degree program.

Earning an accredited online degree works better for some people

It is understandable that there is a group of people who progress slowly in a traditional classroom. But if put in front of a computer at the comfort of their homes, they tend to excel easily in earning degrees.

Introverts, for example, belong to that group. Their personality and whatever coming with it just don’t fit in traditional educational environment. They don’t have the courage to speak what they think; they don’t get along well with classmates; they can not focus when with other students in one classroom; they need more attention; they need extra help from teachers. All these render them a hard time making progress on the way of earning a degree.

But with distance learning, they find comfort. They are confident of speaking out their minds; they are able to think independently and they study better with the one-to-one teaching model widely used in distance teaching. When not distracted by other stuff but given all they need to succeed, these students show great performance.

Everything makes earning an accredited online degree less strenuous. A number of students believe earning an online accredited degree is not only rewarding but also fun. And once they get interested in, the road of degree earning becomes less bumpy.

Accredited online degrees come at fewer troubles

Rather, they can be earned at great flexibility.

You don’t need to go back and forth to a residential school. In that way, a lot of time that should have been spent on commuting is saved. You can use these pieces of time to focus on your degree earning. It means more to you if you are a part-time learner having a job.

Also commuting fees are saved. You can buy study materials or tools with that money. Or, you will just be glad about not having to spend more than you can afford for a degree. If you are tight with money, you can even apply for the financial aid offered in many accredited schools. Isn’t it great to earn an accredited online degree that poses career perspectives but doesn’t cost much?

And don’t forget about the flexibility you are about to enjoy in the process of obtaining your accredited online degree. It may be not worth it to get a degree at the expense of your personal life. But if it is an accredited one, you don’t have to worry about making sacrifice to your lifestyle. You can study at your pace without impeding your study process. You can preview or review. It is all up to you.

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  1. Stella_Miller says:

    Um, I think what you said is a bit complicated. In fact, the reason why to choose an accredited online degree is very simple.
    1. Accreditation ensures the education you receive from an online program meets the high standards set by the U.S. Department of Education
    2. Accredited degrees are recognized and accepted by other colleges or universities and allow you to transfer your credits
    3. Only accredited schools offer federal financial aid and grants
    4. Accredited degrees are recognized and accepted by employers

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